The Ingersoll Type-30 Compressor 2475N7.5-P Is a 7.5 Horse power unit.


Voltages available: 5 & 7.5HP: 230/1 All HP: 200, 230, 460, and 575V/3/60
Prices shown do not include Start-Up Kit. Compressors are shipped without oil. Start-Up Kit recommended with each unit sold.

Ingersoll Rand (7.5 Hp) Type-30 Compressor 2475N7.5-P

  • Type-30"Premium Package"Compressors Each Premium Package includes a two-stage compressor, 100% cast iron pump, ODP electric motor, mounted and wired magnetic motor starter, automatic start and stop control with a NEMA 1 pressure switch, and an ASME coded air receiver tank. Premium packaged models also include an aircooled aftercooler, lowoil level shutdown switch and an automatic drain valve. 5 and 7.5 HP units are equipped with automatic start and stop controls, and 10 HP units and above include dual control regulation with constant speed control to allowfor loaded and unloaded operation in order to reduce motor start/stops

    Disclaimer: Must verify voltage requirement. Warranty: 2-year pump, 1-year package with purchase of start-up kit. Maximum pressure is 175 PSIG.